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Update: Redhook Pressures FIFA To Consider Instant Replay

Hmm. Yesterday, Redhook called out FIFA on its refusal to consider using replay on controversial goals.

Today, Sepp Blatter, the president of FIFA, apologized to Mexico and England for the missed calls in this past weekend’s World Cup matches. He also announced that FIFA would take up the issue of using goal line technology at its meetings later this summer.

Response to Blatter’s apology has been tepid. Why did this take so long when people have been asking for replay for years? How would goal line replay correct a missed offside call, like in the Mexico-Argentina match? Answer: it wouldn’t. Which is a bad answer.

Anyway, it’s clear FIFA’s announcement today is no coincidence. When Redhook focuses his stare of justice on wrong-doers, wrong-doers always blink.

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