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UW’s Quest For Nine & The Humblebrag

As the exclusive craft beer of UW Athletics, Redhook is stoked. With two games remaining, plus a bowl game, UW Football has a shot at a 9-win season. But getting there won’t be easy.

On Saturday, the Dawgs travel to Corvallis to play the Oregon State Beavers. Given the UW’s hobbled starting QB and the unpredictable Beavs, this one could go either way. Hopefully, that trestle Redhook saw on I-5 between Seattle and Portland will bear out:

Stay classy, Dawg fans.


The Saturday after Thanksgiving, the Dawgs take on Wazzu at CenturyLink Field in the Apple Cup. Predicting this game is almost always impossible. And if you do make a prediction, you risk provoking the sports gods. Not worth it. One thing Redhook does know is he’ll be throwing a huge tailgate party near the stadium. Details for that next week.


Moving on. Several months back, Redhook’s lady friend, Tonya, turned him on to the @humblebrag twitter feed. The word humblebrag and the reason for its existence are pretty self-explanatory. People love to brag and, at the same time, like to give the impression they’re not braggarts. Thus, the humblebrag: an obvious boast, poorly disguised by a veneer of false humility.

If you’ve just learned about humblebrags, you’ll be amazed at how often you’ll now spot them — kind of like buying a new car, then suddenly seeing the same model everywhere you go. Your friends on Facebook are particularly guilty of it. Here are a couple Redhook’s recently been exposed to:

37-year-old male: “I must be gettin’ old. I can’t keep up with this 25-year-old waitress I’ve been dating.”

40-year-old female: “An older man stops me on the way out of the store to tell me that I have great legs. Pervy or flattering? I can’t decide.”

Alas, even Redhook has been guilty of dropping the occasional humblebrag. In this ad from a couple of years back, Redhook uses open-mindedness as a cover to let people know he’s a player:

Would Redhook take the ad back if he could? No way. You’d be surprised at how many dates one can get by running a full-page color ad. Btw, that was just a flat out brag.

That’s it for now. Go Dawgs!


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