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Dude, enough with the fedora.

First, we have to give credit to the folks at BustedTees for the above graphic. It captures how Redhook has felt for quite some time about the long-running fedora fad that’s infested bars and live music shows across America.

Urban Dictionary defines the fedora phenomenon thusly:

Fedora Douchebag Threshold Theorem: The sociological rule that one person wearing a fedora in a larger group may be stylistically unique, but two or more people wearing a fedora in a larger group renders every person in that group a douchebag.


That’s a pretty good summation of the problem. The fact that so many guys are out sporting fedoras at the same time makes it totally uncool. Case in point:

If you and your friends wear fedoras, chances are you don’t look much better than the guys above. Not being mean. We’re doing you a favor. We liken it to telling you that you have spinach in your teeth.

That said, there are guys who look good in fedoras. Interesting to note, however, the examples below are either dead or fictional:
So please, next time you’re headed out for the night, leave the fedora at home. You’ll feel better not being such a sheep. Plus, you can mock all the d-bags who end up wearing theirs. Trust us, there’ll be a lot of them.

We probably should've left "straw" out of this headline.


  • Solaris DaWay

    Hey Redhook, While I can not agree with ya more about the hat scene lately I have to say that the demos pics that are on the blog should in way be consuetude as Fedoras! Those are cheap ass knock off wanna-bes that really are just small hats. As a real Fedora (Stetson) owner wearer I have to say I am sick of these $12.99 imitations, but when I do see a real felt stylish hat I usuall think that it is making a statement of decent sytle.
    Say is it true that the Redhook Brewery in Redmond Washington is going to install a huge solar array at the Brewery ? I think that would just the coolest thing!!! Go Solar!!!

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