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Week One.


In the beginning, there was the draft.

On the first day, before the first round, the fantasy owner hovered above his computer. There were twelve empty slots and the bench was formless and without life. And the owner said “let there be a running back” and the #1 ranked Adrian Peterson appeared, and it was good. The owner was pleased with what he had done.

When the second and third rounds came to pass, and the fantasy owner said “let there be quarterbacks.” With a click of the mouse, Philip Rivers and Kurt Warner appeared, and the owner saw that this also was good. He knew that both these men would be fruitful and multiply his fantasy points. And although the owner had now drafted three elite players, he was aware his quarterbacks would need someone to pass to.

In the fourth, fifth and sixth rounds, the owner drafted wide receivers (and another running back). He took T.J. Houshmandzadeh ““ because he knew “˜the Housh’ was now a Seahawk, and would be part of a must-pass offense. Then he snatched up the neglected Marion Barber, for this running back had been the apple of his eye in the last season. Finally, the owner took wide receiver Lee Evans, thinking him a wise choice at that point. But mostly because all the better wide receivers were already taken.

And yet his labors were not finished. Rather than turn on automatic draft, the owner worked through the evening to fill out his bench. He drafted a kicker, Stephen Gostkowski, so that he might reach his opponent’s goalpost from 50 yards in a December crosswind. He selected a defense/special teams unit, the Baltimore Ravens, despite reports of minor injuries. Finally, he took on a worthy tight end, John Carlson ““ as well as defensive and running backs, and a linebacker ““ for even these small-earners would help him eke out a few more critical points each week.

On this Sunday, the seventh day, the owner will look over his roster one last time ““ and then rest. He will crack open a Redhook Long Hammer, turn on the television and enjoy the fruits of his labor. Let there be football.

  • http://Yahoo norm mangan

    Your the best beer here in the Bay Area Red hook. Just realy love the Long Hammer. Just very good quality… I know beer, so I rate your ale like this- First RED HOOK – you even blow away RED TAIL ALE. Seara Nevadas ok..Boston loger and Gorden Berch are poison- They used to be good, but chose profet over quality.. They should move to China… if they want to keep prducing cheep beer, they could save more money… Please keep taking pride in your very GREAT ale RED HOOK we love you here in the Bay area… Norman..

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