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White meat or dark meat?

Thanksgiving is almost here, and you’re probably already thinking about how much turkey you’re going to stuff yourself with. But what if there were no turkey for turkey day? In the post-apocalyptic nightmare film The Road, you’ll get a few more reasons to be thankful for your sweet potatoes and stuffing.

Based on the 2006 Cormac McCarthy novel by the same name, The Road puts us alongside a father (Viggo Mortensen) and son trying to navigate a post-apocalyptic wasteland. There’s also a supporting role played by the visually-stimulating Charlize Theron. Redhook won’t give away the whole movie, but suffice to say it’s packed with suspenseful chase scenes in which hordes of desperate, flesh-eating fiends lurk around every corner.

So, now you know how your turkey feels.

The RoadThe Road opens this Wednesday, and early reviews are very positive. And while Redhook thinks this movie looks cinematically awesome, you really should check out the book it’s based on. It won the Pulitzer.

And if a band of filthy, roving cannibals really were after you, Redhook would be there with a 24-pack of Molotov cocktails to help you fight those no-good SOB’s off.

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