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Winterhook is Nearly Upon Us.

Redhook Winterhook

It’s hard to believe October is already half over. It seems like just yesterday that Redhook was brewing his 2008 run of Winterhook Seasonal Ale. Now, as the maple leaves change to yellow and ripe pumpkins sit ready to be transformed into jack-o-lanterns, Redhook’s breweries are hard at work preparing the Winterhook that will see you through the New Year.

Assuming you don’t drink your entire supply on New Year’s Eve.

Winterhook ’09 will debut this Wednesday at our Release Party at the Forecaster’s Pub in Woodinville. This should come as a relief to all our loyal Winterhook drinkers who stockpile the stuff throughout the year.

Winterhook Release Party

With this in mind, Redhook went into his hidden, über-secret Winterhook stockpile and decided to hold a tasting of the last of December 2008′s ale. Would Winterhook still be rich? Would it still be malty? Would it leave Redhook wishing he hadn’t hidden it in a filing cabinet for the entire summer?

There was only one way to find out.

A few guinea pigs were recruited on a Friday afternoon. Not the furry kind ““ because Redhook is totally against animal testing. Instead, he figured his friends would be better able to communicate whether the ale was still good.

Winterhook Date

The verdict? Winterhook ale is still delicious nearly ten months after its birth date. All Redhook’s friends agreed that it was tasty, despite being “bottle conditioned” for a bit longer than usual. If there is a lesson to be learned, it is that you can stock up on $18 Winterhook cases at the release party and hang onto it long after December.

Note: Redhook doesn’t condone scalping Winterhook in the off-season.

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