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You Could Win the Ultimate Mobile ManCave

Earlier this year Redhook teamed up with none other than the sports broadcasting legend Dan Patrick to brew the ultimate craft beer for watching sports. The result of the union was Audible Ale, brewed to be crushable enough to reach for another – without taking you out of the game before halftime.  Redhook digs sports and he digs filling his passion bucket.  He decided that the only thing better than sports or beer was sports and beer.  So, whether you’re watching the Dan Patrick Show in your mancave, or tailgating in a parking lot, Redhook’s got your back.

Behold the Redhook Ultimate Mobile ManCave!

redhook ultimate mobile mancave

The Redhook ManCave has left the building and is traveling the nation attending top sporting events including MLB Spring Training, the NFL Draft and the NCAA Championship. But that’s not all, if you’re wondering “Dude. Where’s the Redhook ManCave?” you’re likely to see it in Nashville, South Carolina, Connecticut, New York, Chicago, St. Louis, and of course Seattle and the Redhook hometown of Ballard. Tweet your photos to @Redhook_Brewery and you could win the Audible Ale tap handle and other awesome Dan Patrick Show swag.

Make some noise on Twitter and let Redhook know what your ManCave rules will be or what will never be said in your ManCave. According to Redhook, “Keeping up with the Kardashians starts in two minutes” will never be uttered within 50 feet of his passion bucket.


The loudest most awesome fans will be chosen to receive a shout out on an Audible Ale crown like Sugar from Arizona – a Dan Patrick show frequent caller.

At the end of its tour, the ManCave will be awarded to one lucky winner. You can enter to win on Redhook’s Facebook page and follow its journey on Twitter #RedhookManCave. Listen to your thirst. It’s Audible.

  • jeff smith

    honey boo-boo fan club meets in five minutes

  • Anonymous

    “Craft Beer” = mediocrity hidden behind mass quantities of hops. Can a brewer please actually “craft” a beer that is sophisticated and intricate for discerning (sissy) palettes? There is no art to slapping together a piss wort and pouring in 20x the normal quantity of hops. Its only popular because frat boys are so stupid they just follow the leader and drink whatever is trendy regardless of flavor. Like kids at the playground seeing who can eat the most sour candy, no one wants to be the pussy that is sipping on a buttweiser.

    I sampled all of your beers and they are a disaster. You cater to one person. Not all of us have fried out taste buds from eating mass quantities of preservative laden fast food and corn syrup. Overhopping beer is like pouring hot sauce all over your food. It decimates the subtleties and flavor and just bombards you tongue.

  • Matt559

    I think you are full of shit dude, I have been a chef for over 10 years with the same restaurant and I love this beer. It pairs well with gastropub delights and I think your some stuck up asshole with his nose in the air.

  • JOHN


  • Slim

    Audible Ale is the best beer I have ever tasted. Great job Red hook. Thank you DP for teaming up with Red hook to get help get the beer to us.

  • hans

    i just love long hammer IPA for 4 years now ,perfect blend ,hoppy thats why they call me hoppy Hans

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