Busta Lime IPA

There are a lot of IPAs in this store,
And you're thinking "why one more?"
But this one is full of lime,
And sure to change your mind,
So don't just stand there.

This IPA blends up real lime juice, lime-nuanced hops, and light malty sweetness for a refreshing, sweet-tart flavor.

Original artwork by Seattle artist Jordan Kay - jordankay.com

Flavor Profile

Aroma: Margarita Blender
Flavor: Lime, Malty Sweetness
Finish: Lingering Lime

Ingredients and Specifications

Malt: Weyermann Premium Pilsner, Weyermann Carahell
Hops: Wakatu, Lemondrop, Sterling
Original Gravity: 0.0º
Finishing Gravity: 0.0º
ABV: 6.2%
IBU: 45
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