Long Hammer IPA

Redhook Long Hammer IPA is a West Coast classic. The generous addition of hops during the brewing and fermentation process gives our India Pale Ale its characteristic bitterness and piney citrus aroma and flavor. Tracing its heritage from another Redhook classic beer, Ballard Bitter, Long Hammer IPA is one of America’s favorite IPAs.

Flavor Profile

Aroma: Tangerine, Grapefruit, and Pine
Flavor: Mild Bitterness, Citrus and Pine Character
Finish: Clean Finish and Slight Citrus Linger

Ingredients and Specifications

Malt: Pale, Crystal
Hops: Cascade
Original Gravity: 13.7º
Finishing Gravity: 2.1º
ABV: 6.2%
IBU: 44

Nutritional Information

Per 12oz serving

Calories: 188
Carbs: 14.9g
Protein: 2.1g
Fat: 0g

Because brewing is a natural process, values are approximate and may vary slightly.

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